Linkage Love

By Kristen Abell

A little late in the day, but here nonetheless, we are going to be posting some of our favorite recent links on technology and/or student affairs every Wednesday. Ideally, these links will span the last week, but more realistically, they’ll probably be from the last few days – technology moves fast, ya know. Feel free to email us with interesting links you think we should include!

5 Things Netflix Streaming Can Teach Higher Ed – I love Netflix, I love higher ed, why not combine the two? Loved this post that takes some of the more creative and innovative ways Netflix has come bounding into the video market and compared them to ways we can do the same in higher ed.

Found in a friend’s Facebook feed (how appropriate) – Cracking the Facebook Code. This was a fascinating article based on an unofficial study of Facebook’s algorithm for deciding what goes in your news feed – and though it might be unofficial, and though Facebook refuses to share said algorithm, based on what I’ve observed in my feed, I have to admit that it feels pretty true to life.

Your Vacation Need Not Annoy Your Online Pals – This one is for that work colleague of mine who posted all the incredible pictures and comments about traveling to Italy and Greece and Egypt recently (although darn him, he actually followed most of their guidelines – okay, fine, they were fantastic, they just made me jealous). I’m not sure what’s sadder – that we have to live vicariously through each other online, or that 72% of people check email on vacation.

For the Apple Fangirls (or boys – we’re equal opportunity here) out there – the white iPhone 4 release has been delayed – gasp! I’m pretty sure the original point of the white iPhone was to show people you had the one with the bigger memory (since that was the only white one available at first). But with all the cases out there, does it really matter what color iPhone you get? You tell me.

And finally, don’t forget to check in to Foursquare on election day! This venture looks to have some pretty neat applications, especially for politicians and all others ready to rock the vote (does anyone even still say that anymore? I think I just dated myself). In any case, I love that social media has really begun to impact voter turnout, and I’m looking forward to seeing more ways we can use it to do so.

Linkage Love

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