Meet the Blogger: Jennifer Keegin

By Jennifer Keegin

Do you remember where you were when you first started playing on the internet? When you found out what the internet WAS?

I clearly remember my Senior year of college (I don’t mind sharing – it was 1997) and I had just learned the previous year how to send emails and we were dabbling with “newsgroups”. We found all the dirty ones first OF COURSE and then based on the limited amount of knowledge I had on the subject, I jumped into an HTML class my senior year.

This was hard core HTML. I’m talking the kind of code that allowed you to put words on a screen  in different colors with a background image! I know. It was CRAZY. As a Mass Communication major (minor in Literature) I had yet to discover the many ways in which my love of advertising/marketing would be fused together with my other love – event planning. These were the days of  just figuring out how to work a new medium and how to use that knowledge to impress my friends/family.

I don’t suppose much has changed over the years. From that point on, I had a love of anything related to the internet, and how to manipulate the internet to find the information I wanted. I dumped my journals to blog, I joined Facebook back in the early days, I created websites that covered my interests (including Assoc. of College Unions International Region 2 & 12’s sites) and even won a Comedy Central contest in which I created a website for comedian Nick Swardson. (Gaining the experience of 4 years free labor). I still try the newest, latest and greatest internet sites for items like management and organization tools, the best browsers (I like Opera), and the newest viral videos.  I also read everyday, usually on my iPhone. Great place to get started. However, I am getting older. Without additional classes on coding etc., I don’t create as many websites from scratch anymore. I use like everyone else.

Related to general internet interests is my newest fancy – the fusion of marketing/advertising and Social Media. When Ed Cabellon and other super awesome tweeps (Twitter Peeps. Did I make that up? Or is that a real Twitter word???) got a group together at the ACUI NYC Annual Conference last year to discuss social media – I was very interested in the topic and immediately joined on to form the Community of Practice for Social Media. As the advisor for the Late Nite program here at Binghamton University , I found that we weren’t doing nearly enough to get the word out about our events. We had a tired old website and a “person page” on Facebook. We needed to upgrade! Fan page on Facebook, Twitter account, DJ account, podcasts of our concerts…you name it…we now have it!

Being a tech girl can be fun – my experience isn’t just internet based – I also had to learn at an early stage in my career (Oh, about 13 years ago…) how to hook up vcrs, dvd players, sound systems and the like. I have a whole post coming about one particular sound system from my past. I think the key to all tech is knowing your interests, your limits, and when to say “I need help.”

I look forward to blogging with this amazing group of ladies, learning from them, and learning about myself along the way.

Meet the Blogger: Jennifer Keegin

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