Meet the Blogger: Colleen

By Colleen Riggle

Nice to meet you! I’m Colleen Riggle, a thirty-something woman, wife, step-mom, daughter, sister, aunt and endurance athlete in Georgia. Professionally, I work on initiatives to end sexual violence through education and programming and to create a more inclusive environment for women at Georgia Tech! My background is in Student Affairs Leadership and Women’s Center Work.  I have been awarded the Award of Excellence in May 2008 at Georgia Tech and the Apple Award in April 2008 from the Panhellenic Council for my work with educating about sexual violence. I’ve also been featured in Women in Higher Education for her work with sorority women on campus.  And is the newly elected co-chair of the National Women’s Studies Association Women’s Center Committee.

My interest in technology started when I was younger – I distinctly remember loading our dot matrix printer when using our ms-dos (before the lustrous Windows) computer to print off text files.  I remember my brothers and dad use to make computer and my parents still to this date have lots of random monitors, hard drives, and shells.  In high school, I remember receiving “AOL free” in the mail and being online, chatting, and always trying to get around having to actually pay for the “world wide web” as it was called.  Fast forward to college and I remember going to the computer lab in the library hashing out work on a iMac.  And packing for college, I remember buying my first computer from Sears and it ended up being larger than my entire wardrobe combined.   Lugging that HUGE monitor, desktop, keyboard, speakers, mouse to my dorm room – now we have iPads,  and can update our facebook status from our phones and post pictures online just as fast as I can get the next best seller for my Kindle!

I remember in my early days of endurance event running my brother calling me up and telling me about this new product that Apple was coming out in a few months I needed to order now – it was called an iPod.  That gadget was amazing and I remember taking that with me wherever I went for several years.  In the same year, I bought my first iBook computer – she was laid to rest this past winter.  I’m as geek as geek can get so it was no wonder that I found a geek who named all the home computer after characters in Matrix (Oracle, Neo, Niobe, and Trinity) that we were made for each other.  It was a proud day when we searched for a router that could handle 11+ devices at home.  However, we’re a house divided between the iPhone and Android.

I tweet, I blog, I’m LinkedIn and I ❤ facebook. I flickr and love reading books on my Kindle.  I am the webmistress for Women in Student Affairs (WISA) though NASPA and maintain our Women’s Center website, body image site and blog AND our sexual violence site too.

When I’m not being techy, I train for various endurance events through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program. And I thrive on finding frugal ways of making life more fun!

Recognize any of these?:

Looking forward to being a part of this blogging team!

Meet the Blogger: Colleen

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