Blog Introduction

By Kristen Abell

How it all began… Back in August of this year, Ed Cabellon posted on the Student Affairs Collaborative with information for graduate students, listing a number of technology and social media blogs…not one of which was a blog by women. Shortly after this, Brenda was nice enough to send Ed Kristen’s tech and student affairs blog, which he quickly added to his list, but when we all started looking around for other similar women-authored blogs, we noticed a definite lack. This required a happy hour meeting-of-the-minds for Brenda and Kristen, and so the Student Affairs Women Talk Tech collaborative blog experiment was born.

The Bloggers After a general call out through the #sachat community on Twitter, through Kristen’s tech blog, and through Facebook, we were able to gather a few women interested enough in writing about technology and student affairs to start our little experiment. Since technology is a secondary (or completely unrelated for some) part of our job descriptions, it’s taken a little while, but we’re finally here. Over the next couple of weeks, each of us will be posting an introduction to give you some more information about who we are and why we’re interested in technology and its relationship to higher education. Suffice it to say, we’re a pretty fantastic group of women who would love nothing more than to share our expertise (or geekiness) with the world.

The Blog So we’re off to a running start. We’ve got a few ideas for some regular features – a little link love, some best practices, book reviews, etc. – along with whatever strikes our fancy in the tech or student affairs world on a particular day. We’d love ideas, suggested links or books, and even more bloggers (if you’re interested, drop us a line as We hope you’ll help us make our experiment a success…and show everyone that we really are ready for women in technology.

[Photo Credit: Young Woman Blogging, after Marie-Denise Villers by Mike Licht,, Creative Commons license]

Blog Introduction