Linkage Love

By Kristen Abell

Here’s this week’s edition of Wednesday Linkage Love…enjoy!

Loving all the new research coming out from Reynol Junco about tweeting and engagement in class. For a couple of different reads, check out the coverage in Inside Higher Ed and Spotlight on Digital and Media Learning. (Here’s a spoiler – tweeting actually leads to greater engagement in class!).

I have to admit, I’m pretty impressed with NASPA’s idea to use scholarships to promote social media use by their members – check it out if you’re interested in attending!

You can now use open networks safely with the new Firefox add-on, BlackSheep. Specifically, this new add-on addresses the recent rise of a new hacking tool called Firesheep that allows users access to your web accounts when you’re on an open network. Surf safely again!

The National Labor Relations Board has declared that posts on Facebook about an employer should be considered as free speech, and therefore you should not be fired for them. (In other news, can Mashable PLEASE find a different creepy Facebook photo to use with their Facebook posts?)

Mockingbird, a pretty sweet wireframe tool for designing websites, has recently added real time collaboration – web designers rejoice! Seriously, though, I can already think of one or ten uses for this that would be helpful in my current position, and I’m not even a web designer.

Do you have links to share? Please feel free to share some more linkage love in the comments below!

Linkage Love

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