The Evolution of the Student Affairs App

By Colleen Riggle

I sit on our Student Affairs Technology committee; it’s a great group of folks who coordinate the advancement of technology as it relates to Student Affairs.  Recently, we’ve been charged with conducting a Student Affairs iPhone app contest with our current students.

We’re slowly moving forward with access to institution functions via a mobile app.  Recently our institution introduced the first campus-wide app.  It’s got some kinks to work out like any other app, but overall serves the purpose and is functional.

Some schools with decent app are Duke, as does Penn State.

Within Student Affairs and the Women’s Center specifically we have an app that contains calendar information, program updates, important phone numbers and can also like you directly via email, phone to the office.  However, this contest is to see what students would like as far as an app within any office or department in student affairs.

Now lies the question, iPhone, Android or web-based apps? I’ll argue that a web-based app is just as functional as a specific platform app, but it’s all in what you want to get out of it.

Does your institution have any apps within your Student Affairs? Does your institution even have an app?  What do you want to see as far as an app goes? It’s challenging to think of, but as we move full speed ahead into what’s becoming a mobile world we’ll need to start thinking in this way.

The Evolution of the Student Affairs App

3 thoughts on “The Evolution of the Student Affairs App

  1. A lot of the major higher education technology vendors are working on platform agnostic solutions…content gets streamed to all platforms.

    With mobile becoming such a huge part of how students access information, it is important for SA units to take a place at the technology “tables” at their institutions. When I spoke to attendees at the NACAS conference last week, I talked about the importance of mobile in the context of campus auxiliary services. Mobile + Student Affairs…sounds like the perfect conference presentation 😉


  2. Agreed! I know there are a few vendors available who make the “app” process so much easier then it once was and we don’t have to be gurus in that regard. And I agree that we need to be making the information accessible and feel we’re slightly behind the curve but glad to hear it’s part of the conversation in the higher ed circles! I’m just coming back from the NWSA conference – great idea of a possible presentation in the future! Thanks for the comment!


  3. Jennifer says:

    We have an app at Binghamton University – but for an Activities person a campus wide calendar would make the most sense but is missing. The reason for that is basically that there is no one central events calendar on this campus.


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