Linkage Love

By Brenda Bethman

This week’s links:

Over at ProfHacker, Jason B. Jones has a post on, a new digital card service. Still in closed beta, but you can request an invite and reserve your URL. I signed up for mine and urge anyone with an out-of-control email signature file to do the same.

Eric Stoller writes today about #sagrow, the new mentoring program (started by Ed Cabellon) between the #sachat and #sagrad communities. Check it out and sign up to get or be a mentor!

Just in time for the holiday flying season, you can now report abusive screening behavior via the MyTSA app. Since it’s an official app, the reporting function is a bit buried, but there. You can also use the app to get other travel tips.

A fascinating piece on digital humanities over at the New York Times.

Our our Kristen Abell has a piece responding to Chris Brogan on how he’s able to write so much. I agree with her point that reading other blogs is part of the point and also take some issue with the unacknowledged privilege in his “I don’t do phone calls or meetings” point. It sure would be nice to be able to do that, but it’s just not true for vast majority of working folks who do not get to decide how to spend their time. What do you all think?

Oh, and Facebook made a little announcement this week. Mashable walks you through their new messaging system as well as the security implications of that system.

Do you have links to share? Please feel free to share some more linkage love in the comments below!

Linkage Love

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