Linkage Love

By Brenda Bethman

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Linkage Love”!

If you’re flying for the holiday weekend and have a Foursquare account, check in to get the Baggage Handler badge. (Side note: of course, they had to use a male figure on the badge. It could have just been a suitcase. Sigh….)

On a more serious note, Jezebel points out that for many women, being groped by the TSA is business as usual.

A teen uses Facebook to post evidence of her abuse.

Shopping this Black Friday? Take Amazon’s price check app with you.

Apple released iOS 4.2 this week, unifying the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Over at ProfHacker, learn how to archive your Facebook data.

A new social browser, RockMelt, hits the web. Mashable has a review.

Posting will be light (or non-existent) the rest of this week for the Thanksgiving holiday. We wish all who celebrate a happy Thanksgiving!

Linkage Love

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