Holiday Gift Guide

By Brenda Bethman

For those of you who are still searching for the perfect gift for that techie gal (or guy) in your life, we are pleased to present the first Student Affairs Women Talk Tech Holiday Gift Guide.

Stephanie recommends Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac because “it finally has Outlook!”

The Ladybug SD Card Reader comes recommended by Daria for its cuteness and price.

Amber says the $10 she spent on the Portable Cooling Station was the best money she ever spent on a tech item.

From Colleen come two stocking stuffers for the tech items we already have: a lighted Kindle cover and privacy screen covers for the iPhone.

Speaking of iPhones, all I (Brenda) want for Christmas is a pair of iPhone-friendly gloves so that I can use my phone and keep my fingers warm at the same time.

Kristen sent in a list of items that just might be on her wish list as well:

Keyboard case for the iPad owner, specifically this one (you can find others on Amazon for around the same price or a little more inexpensive, although not by much). A keyboard can turn an iPad into a blogging machine.

iTunes gift card for the iPod/iPhone/iPad owner – Anyone with one of these devices can quickly blow $10 – $50 bucks on music, movies, or applications. It’s hard to go wrong with one of these.

Bluetooth speaker. Every time an iPod/iPhone owner buys a speaker, it ends completely useless once the iPod/iPhone is upgraded. With a Bluetooth speaker system, one can upgrade my iPhone/iPod without having to buy a new speaker each time. Kristen is hopeful that she will find one of these under the tree (hint, hint).

MacBook Air for the gift giver with money to burn. Kristen says: “of course I had to put this on here – it’s just so darn PRETTY. Oh, and functional, of course.”

USB watch for the uber-geek in your life that tends to lose USB drives… (Although we have to complain a bit, can they not come up with a woman’s watch/USB drive? Is it really that hard to believe that there are girl-geeks out there?)

Holiday Gift Guide

2 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide

  1. I would also like the iPhone friendly gloves! There are some that you don’t even have to remove the finger – they have pads on the finger tips. Any gloves that don’t require taking them completely off to use your phone would be an improvement, though!


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