Linkage Love

By Kristen Abell

It’s time for our weekly Linkage Love post, and boy do I have some good ones for y’all today (and a lot of them). I might have gone a little crazy. Just sayin’.

There’s a new website for teens that looks like a super cool new way for budding writers to share their work and get feedback. Oh, if only they had had something like this when I was growing up – so jealous!

Anyone preparing to job hunt this spring? MyFootpath has a post about resolutions for job-seekers – this is also generally an awesome blog to send your students who are preparing to search to read.

Also on the job-seeking front, if you’re spiffying up that resume, here are some words to avoid.

Okay, technically this post is from last week, but I thought it was worth re-posting, as Kevin Guidry makes some extremely important and valid points about student affairs and technology.

Here are some really sweet uses of the new Facebook profile layout. This would require far more time or creativity than I’m capable of (especially at the end of the semester), but it does look like fun.

At the risk of offending, well, pretty much everyone, I just had to post this one. It’s the re-telling of the nativity story through technology. Because, well, it’s awesome.

Mama Ph.D. talks about how social media has created a community to support her through her grading woes.

Extremely cool visualization of the world’s Facebook relationships.

Interesting visualization of Facebook graphic (sorry, but I had to include it – it was too funny not to).

Aaaand that’s all folks! Look for a return to Linkage Love after the new year!

Linkage Love

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