Introducing Blogging Prompts

By Brenda Bethman

Happy 2011! We took a bit of a break here at Student Affairs Women Talk Tech over the holidays. We didn’t all take a complete break from blogging, however — Kristen, Colleen, and I all participated in the #reverb10 challenge, which provided daily prompts for blog posts throughout the month of December. Near the end of the month, we were discussing (on Twitter, of course!) ways to keep our blogging momentum going into the New Year and came up with the idea of sharing weekly prompts on this blog to give people (ourselves and others) ideas for posts. We will post prompts on Mondays and will send them out to the Twitterverse for y’all to use as you will (answer the prompt, snark at it, use it as a springboard to write on something else, ignore it, whatever. It’s all good). We ask that if you do respond to the post in some way that you leave a link in the comments to the post and tag it on Twitter with the #sawomenblog hashtag. We will also be assigning one of our bloggers to respond to each prompt and will post both the prompt and her response on Mondays.

On Wednesdays we will continue posting our Linkage Love posts and have designated Fridays as “Blogger’s Choice.” So you can expect a minimum of four posts per week from us on a MWF schedule — and we may post more depending on schedules and what’s happening in the world. Please join us as readers and bloggers! We are looking forward to growing this blog community in 2011 and welcome your thoughts on how to do so.

PS: If you’re looking for even more inspiration for topics in 2011, check out The Daily Post at or the 30 Day Writing Challenge.

[Photo Credit: Flickr user Joyce-Rhiannon, Creative Commons license]

Introducing Blogging Prompts

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