Do you have a favorite place?

By Colleen Riggle

Here at SA Women Talk Tech, several of us are making strides to blog more in the new year and thanks to #reverb10 and WordPress Post a day/week Challenge we’ve been keeping up!

One of the prompts our group came up with was “Do you have  favorite place/space? Where is it? And why?” to engage our audience and inspire YOU to blog/write more often too.

For me in all my geeky-ness it’s at home on my laptop! Granted I spend a lot of time in front of the computer during the week at work and often don’t even want to SEE a computer when I get home, but I find myself powering it up and surfing on some topic or installing a new plug-in on my site.  I’m not alone, because my husband and two kids all love technology too, we actually had to buy a router that would handle the number of devices connecting to it!  One might think that a family who is so into technology might not be connected, but we are able to find the balance and spend time together not on devices.  Admit-tingly, I have been known to check my iphone at dinner when I hear a text message come in 🙂

What I most look forward to during the week is Friday nights, because it usually entails, my laptop, snuggie and puppy dog by my side working playing on the laptop.   I think partly, in addition to running it’s a chance to escape for a bit and connect with family, friends or learn something new after a long week at work.

How about  you? Do you have a favorite place/space? Where is it? And why?

Do you have a favorite place?

4 thoughts on “Do you have a favorite place?

  1. I love drinking coffee on the deck of the Siuslaw River Coffee shop in Florence, Oregon. It’s one of my favorite places to just sit and think. The Oregon coast is really magnificent. I use it to rejuvenate and bring new energy to my mind. Thanks for posting about your favorite place!


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