I am an Evangelist (for #wlsalt)

After meeting and bonding at the Women’s Leadership Institute (#WLI10), a group of women student affairs professionals created the #WLsalt hashtag on Twitter in an effort to support, affirm, lift, and transform (salt) the voices of women in higher education.

The #WLSalt hashtag was sparked by this email from Teri (@tbump) to the other founding #WLSalt sisters:

I want to use the hashtag to send tweets that support, lift, encourage, promote women leaders. And, to invite others who do the same to use it as well building a network of women focused on consciously choosing to push women forward. I watch the twitter stream and women Student Affairs professionals are quick to devalue their work/skills/smarts. I send at least 1 DM a day to someone who has publicly diminished herself. I’m looking to help build their self esteem, self respect, and encourage them to take their place at the table with confidence and the support of women like us. We can create a network of women who value what matters and will enthusiastically help each other achieve, score the best opportunities and see this world as their oyster. Are you in?

Once the hashtag was created and the “salt sisters” shared the story behind their new initiative at sawomenlead, they each reached out and invited supporters to join the movement as “evangelists.” I am an evangelist.

As an evangelist, I intend to use the #WLsalt hashtag on tweets that:

  • Support: Provide support, connections, and resources for leadership, academic, and career opportunities
  • Affirm: Highlight the success of women as leaders at all levels
  • Lift: Lift up the voices that may be quieted in other venues
  • Transform: Facilitate the continued success of woman in higher education

Please join us as we advance and support all women in the academe.

Note that none of the SA Women Talk Tech bloggers were at the original #WLsalt meeting, but we support their goals and consider ourselves “#WLSalt sisters.”

Cross-posted to Brenda Bethman’s personal blog at http://brendabethman.com/2011/02/26/i-am-an-evangelist-for-wlsalt/

I am an Evangelist (for #wlsalt)

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