What I didn’t know about the iPad.

By Jennifer Keegin

I am an owner of an iPad. Okay, really it’s the University’s. I bought it for work. It’s still for my use, and I’m totally jazzed about it. But as I went to purchase my shiny new white iPad with a mere 16GB of memory with Verizon wireless and 3G – I realized there was a lot I didn’t know about the iPad and that I had a lot to learn. This isn’t just a big ‘ole iPhone.

For starters there are the data plans. I didn’t really think that part through when I rolled up into Best Buy with my business credit card. I just knew I wanted a white one and it was cheaper to get the 16GB. My iPhone has 32G and that’s just crazy. My phone doesn’t need that much memory. Overkill. It would be nice to have more memory on the iPad, but again, this was for work and I did have to stay in a budget.

Data Plans: If you go to the Apple website, you could go through the whole purchase process without seeing anything at all about data plans. You have to choose either an AT&T model or a Verizon model and I think that’s where I got mixed up. You can buy the unit, but then once you get the thing home – you have to connect to the provider of choice and then pick your plan. They actually made me pick a plan in the store – just to get home to see that I had to do it all over again on the iPad. I have no idea why I had to go through the whole process in the store – they don’t set up the tablet with a connection. It indicated on the receipt what I picked – but again, I had to truly register it at home. So picking the actual data plan – I just went with Verizon because everything through the University is AT&T and I have been interested in how well the Verizon service is around here.

So I found the data plan structure to be very hard to understand. Apparently I’m not the only one. The way the salesperson at Best Buy explained it to me was that Verizon was more expensive, but had better coverage in NY. Who knows. But again – something to think about.

Applications: I didn’t know that iPhone applications are different from iPad applications. Silly me. I just assumed if I had an application I liked on the iPhone, it would just transfer over to the iPad. No such luck.

Some applications like Facebook don’t even have an official iPad app. How did I not know this? I learned the hard way. Synced up the iPad with my work computer that also syncs with my iPhone. Had all these lovely applications that ended up looking like this photo.

So make sure you find iPad apps to replace the iPhone ones that you love so much.

  • Here’s another thing I didn’t know. There is at least one application that is only available on iPad that is so cool…it alone, to me, makes owning an iPad worth it. It’s called Flipboard. Thank you to Ed Cabellon for the tip.
  • Also, I believe that Google Earth was created with a large touch screen in mind. Moving and shifting and squeezing the world between your fingertips – amazing!
  • The applications all look different on the iPad too. I kinda like some of it, some of it is a little annoying. For instance, Twitter is layered with sliding panels that overlay on top of one another.

Usually picking and adding apps can be one of the most fun parts of owning the iPod Touch, the iPhone, or the iPad – so enjoy!

Summary: I have already learned a great deal about my purchase and I’m still learning new tricks, new apps and new ways of using my iPad everyday to enhance what I do. Hopefully I’ll be able to do another installment of this post when I have more to share. For now, I’d love to know if anyone else can share “Things I Wish I Knew” about their iPad.

What I didn’t know about the iPad.

Linkage Love

By Kristen Abell

As I write this, I’m home sick with some stupid summer cold, so I apologize if my wit is less than stellar today – it’s being numbed by the crud in my head. But anywho, onto the links…

I know it’s a little late for job search info for many of you, but I found a couple links that I couldn’t help but share that might be of great assistance for your next (or ongoing) job search.

ApplyMate is a tool that helps you track applications, interviews, search status, etc. Although I haven’t used it, I think I certainly would have appreciated it when I was fresh out of grad school. Back then, my organization system consisted of a divided folder.

And although this post on gadgets for the job search is directed more towards faculty, I think there’s several gadget suggestions in here that would be extremely useful for SA folks – and not just for interviewing. Things I’m thinking of getting for my next presentation: a remote – seriously, I can’t believe I don’t already have one. I’d also add a hotspot – those things are priceless in wireless dead zones.

For those of you that are big list makers (I know you’re out there – there’s plenty of Type A folks on #SAChat), here’s a new idea:  to-stop list. You know those pesky little things that keep distracting you from getting all your to-dos done? The to-stop list idea suggests putting all of those on a list, thereby leaving time and brain space to get your real to-dos done. My only question is, what if my to-do list is a combination of to-dos and to-stops? I think I might be out of luck.

And last but certainly not least (it’s a short list today, I know – sorry about that, the head is not doing well), this little ditty courtesy of Brenda on designer QR Codes. Alright, maybe you won’t find it nearly as interesting or geekishly cool (what? That’s a word, isn’t it?) as we did, but you have to admit, it would be pretty sweet to have a QR code that looks like it’s made of M&Ms or wine. Oooh, or Legos, or like an Apple logo, or – well, this could go on forever.

Hope you enjoyed today’s Linkage Love. Remember, you can always submit link suggestions to us in the comments below – we’d love to see what you’re reading!

Linkage Love

Fearless Women

By Stephanie Wintling

Have you ever had the experience where you meet someone and instantly you know they will have a profound impact on your life? There are few instances in my life when this has happened but when this happens I always stand in awe at those moments and am immensely grateful that they happen to me at all. Majority of people influence my life over time but there are those rare few that upon meeting I knew they would help me along my journey both professionally and personally.

Today’s blog prompt is “Do you have any female mentors? Tell us about them and how they have influenced you.”

This prompt has made me reflect on my female mentors and why I consider them mentors. Three women instantly came to mind and I started contemplating what is it about these women that make them my mentors. One theme arose, “fearless” these women, although I know they experience fear, approach their professional lives fearlessly. They have fearlessly given me opportunities to advance my career without being protective over a project or doubted I wouldn’t do as good as job as them.  They have fearlessly called me out on self deprecating behaviors and empowered me to own my strengths and talents. Finally, they have fearlessly pursued their careers and achieved exponentially and continue to achieve in their careers.

Bet you’re curious who these women are? Here are the 3 women I consider my mentors:

Teri Bump @tbump

Although Teri has only recently been introduced in to my life through the power of Twitter, she has already had a profound impact on my life. For those of you who already know Teri, you know she is well networked and loves to connect people with each other and this has been amazing to have in a mentor. However, the impact Teri has had on me comes from her outlook and the way she carries herself. She will instantly call a woman out on self deprecating behavior and challenge them to own their strengths. One thing Teri is brilliant at is targeting an individual’s strengths and is never shy to bring them to light. The way she challenges self deprecating statements and celebrates other’s strengths is so natural and a genuine testament to her desire to empower others.


Jeanna Mastrodicasa @DrJtotheMastro

When Jeanna first introduced herself in my Grad class at UF my initial thought was I want to be just like her! She has a J.D., a PhD, was a Gainesville City Commissioner, worked with assessment, assistant Vice President of Student Affairs, and had an awesome personality. I set up a meeting with her and the rest is history. Jeanna allowed me to have some really amazing opportunities at the University of Florida. The one thing brilliant about Jeanna is her ability to instantly put things in to perspective. She is extraordinarily intelligent and staff refer to her when they need clarity on a situation. Jeanna is definitely a go to person when you have questions or are confused about something. One of the greatest things Jeanna has done for me is never questioned my abilities but always given me opportunities and expected me to succeed.


Myra Morgan

Myra Morgan

Myra’s list of accolades is extensive but getting the experience to work with Myra and have her continue to be a mentor in my career is a true blessing. Myra, like Jeanna, fearlessly provided me with opportunities to grow during grad school. While the blessings of those opportunities taught me loads of lessons, the way Myra carries herself continues to challenge me to be a better professional. Myra KNOWS her students. She knows if they’re married, have kids, what career they are in, where they live, and what’s going on in their lives. No matter when they were her student, she knows what’s going on and if she doesn’t can easily find out. As someone who forgets names easily, watching Myra remember all these details about students and how it is paying of in her role as a development officer is truly incredible. Finally, Myra always cares what’s going on in my life. I never expect a quick response from my e-mails to her because of her schedule but she is always quick to inquire what is going on with me professionally and personally. Again everything she does comes from a place of care and I know that’s why she has had so much success in the field.

I hope I have inspired you all, just as these women have inspired me. Who are your mentors? Maybe you never formally said they were your mentor but as you reflect they truly are a mentor to you. Take some time to thank them and appreciate all they have done. For those of you without a mentor, seek them out. You will be surprised the amazing individual waiting to impact your life.



Fearless Women

Blog Prompt Monday

It’s time for another Blog Prompt Monday! We hope you’ll join us in responding to the prompts. One of our responses will be posted on this blog later today, but look for more responses in the comments to this post.

Do you have any female mentors? Tell us about them and how they have influenced you.

Remember to post the link to your response in the comments to this post, and use the hashtag #sawomenblog on Twitter. Because we’re also talking about female mentors, you could also use the #WLSalt hashtag on Twitter. Looking forward to reading your posts!

Blog Prompt Monday

I Get By With A Little Help From My Mobile Apps

By Jenn Prentice

Since this is my first post on Student Affairs Women Talk Tech, I feel the need to say something to ingratiate myself to all of you.  Thus, I will make this statement: No man will ever understand how difficult it is to be a woman.  (Yes. I can feel the smiles, head nods and “preach it sisters” through the computer.) But seriously, unless you have to deal with the demands of being employee, boss, wife, partner, mother, sister, daughter, friend, cook, housekeeper–and oh, did I mention hormonal—you cannot possibly understand what it’s like to be a woman.

A few weeks ago, Kristen talked about the balance that technology has brought to her life and relationships, and I found myself nodding in agreement.  This week, I’d like to augment her post by sharing a few of the mobile applications that have made my life, as a woman, a little more manageable.  In the future, I’ll be posting about more education specific technology; but since it’s still summer and I recently purchased a new smart phone (the HTC Incredible 2, which I highly recommend to all you non-Mac users out there), I thought I’d share some of the apps I use on a daily basis.  The links below will take you to the application’s Android market web page, but good news iPhone addicts, they’re all available to you too!

Remember the Milk– When it comes to organizing an often complicated schedule, simplicity rules, and Remember the Milk has the corner on the easy-to-use market.  Input a task, select a due date and level of importance and let the productivity begin.  The app also offers more robust features like the ability to add notes, receive notifications and categorize items by work, personal, etc. so you can be as detailed  as you want—or not.

GasBuddy– This money-saving app gives you a list of the cheapest gas stations in your area, sorted by price or location. For people in one of these states, it’s a must-have.

My Days Period & Ovulation– Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or avoid it altogether, the My Days Period & Ovulation app wants to help.  Mark the first day of your period and the app will tell you what days that month you’ll be most fertile, so you can plan accordingly.

What’s for Dinner?If you’ve ever gone to the grocery store without your shopping list, you’ll appreciate the What’s for Dinner app.  You can access your grocery list and check items off as you put them to your shopping cart or, if you forgot an ingredient, check your personalized recipe file or search for the recipe online.

Calorie Counter by Fat SecretNot only does the Calorie Counter app let you keep a food diary, but if you’re uncertain of the nutritional value of a certain food, you can use the app’s barcode scanner to find it.  Calorie Counter also lets you log your exercise, so you know exactly how many calories you’ve consumed and how many you’ve burned each day.

Mint.com– Whether you’re the one paying the bills or not, it’s always nice to know where your budget stands each month and Mint.com’s Personal Finance app is a one-stop-shop for tracking and managing your money.  If you find the thought of loading all your account information into one location a bit intimidating—or just downright scary—why not start off with your bank’s Android apps.  At least you’ll know when you’re out of dough.

Starbucks– After staying up late to meet a tight deadline the Starbucks app will help fuel your sleep-deprived work day.  Pay for your coffee, track your Starbucks Rewards and reload your Starbucks card, all without ever darkening the doors of a coffee shop.  Need something a little stronger? There’s an app for that.

Have another app you think should make the list? Leave it in the comments section below.

I Get By With A Little Help From My Mobile Apps

Linkage Love: Lion & Google+

By Brenda Bethman

Happy Wednesday everyone! This week’s Linkage Love features the two biggest tech stories of July: Apple’s new OS, Lion and Google+ Happy reading!


Unless you live under a rock or really, really, really don’t care about Apple, you likely know that the newest version of Mac OS X, named Lion, showed up in the App Store this morning (along with some new MacBook Airs. Yes, I will confess to lusting for one despite having owned mine for less than a year. Can you say backlit keyboard?). If you’re a Mac owner planning to upgrade, here are some links for you:


I am fairly certain that most of you reading this are already on Google+ given the size of my #sachat circle. If you’re not, you probably will be soon. Below are some links of interest if you’re trying to figure out what all the Google+ hype is about:

What about you all? Are you on Google+? If yes, do you like it, hate it, feel “meh” about it? Anyone upgrading immediately to Lion? Or waiting to see how things go first? Let us know in the comments!


Linkage Love: Lion & Google+

What was your favorite technology/gadget as a child and why?

By Colleen Riggle

Today’s prompt takes me back to my *cough younger days.  I often reflect on how technology is so different now, then it was when I was a youngster or even for my teens.  We’re expecting a little girl come September and reflected not too long ago about how she will live in a world filled with technology!  She will not know the world without internet, ipod/phone/pad etc., or even world with out elementary kids having cell phones.

However, I did live in that world and for quite a while.  We didn’t have cable growing up, didn’t really have internet until my last year of high school (which consisted of a free dial-up AOL cd you got in the mail) and I received my first cell phone as a college graduation gift – purple of course.  But looking back even further my favorite piece of “technology”, which now in some respects is out dated was a little purple radio-tape player.  You actually  had to plug it into the wall to make it work; it wasn’t portable.  It played only one tape as a time, usually something I had recorded from the radio.  And I often had to scan the dial to just the right spot in order to get a decent sounding radio station.  Where was Pandora Radio when you needed it?  I loved music and still do, and my little purple radio was my connection to music.

It was cute, purple and I kept that little radio forever.  I believe it was some time during high school that I got a “boom box” for a Christmas gift, which had two detachable speakers, played 5 cds AND tapes and had a digital radio.  But the little purple radio was by far my favorite piece of technology as a child.

How about you? What was  your favorite technology/gadget as a child and why?

What was your favorite technology/gadget as a child and why?

Blog Prompt Monday

Aaaaand we’re back! Hope everyone is having a lovely summer, despite the fact that in the world of higher education, it feels like summer is almost over already. We have a whole new set of blog prompts to share with you all, some new bloggers, and we’re excited to see all the new technology that keeps appearing daily! So here’s today’s prompt:

What was your favorite technology/gadget as a child and why?

Remember to link to your response post in the comments below, and use the hashtag #sawomenblog on Twitter. Looking forward to seeing your posts!

Blog Prompt Monday