What was your favorite technology/gadget as a child and why?

By Colleen Riggle

Today’s prompt takes me back to my *cough younger days.  I often reflect on how technology is so different now, then it was when I was a youngster or even for my teens.  We’re expecting a little girl come September and reflected not too long ago about how she will live in a world filled with technology!  She will not know the world without internet, ipod/phone/pad etc., or even world with out elementary kids having cell phones.

However, I did live in that world and for quite a while.  We didn’t have cable growing up, didn’t really have internet until my last year of high school (which consisted of a free dial-up AOL cd you got in the mail) and I received my first cell phone as a college graduation gift – purple of course.  But looking back even further my favorite piece of “technology”, which now in some respects is out dated was a little purple radio-tape player.  You actually  had to plug it into the wall to make it work; it wasn’t portable.  It played only one tape as a time, usually something I had recorded from the radio.  And I often had to scan the dial to just the right spot in order to get a decent sounding radio station.  Where was Pandora Radio when you needed it?  I loved music and still do, and my little purple radio was my connection to music.

It was cute, purple and I kept that little radio forever.  I believe it was some time during high school that I got a “boom box” for a Christmas gift, which had two detachable speakers, played 5 cds AND tapes and had a digital radio.  But the little purple radio was by far my favorite piece of technology as a child.

How about you? What was  your favorite technology/gadget as a child and why?

What was your favorite technology/gadget as a child and why?

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