Linkage Love

By Kristen Abell

As I write this, I’m home sick with some stupid summer cold, so I apologize if my wit is less than stellar today – it’s being numbed by the crud in my head. But anywho, onto the links…

I know it’s a little late for job search info for many of you, but I found a couple links that I couldn’t help but share that might be of great assistance for your next (or ongoing) job search.

ApplyMate is a tool that helps you track applications, interviews, search status, etc. Although I haven’t used it, I think I certainly would have appreciated it when I was fresh out of grad school. Back then, my organization system consisted of a divided folder.

And although this post on gadgets for the job search is directed more towards faculty, I think there’s several gadget suggestions in here that would be extremely useful for SA folks – and not just for interviewing. Things I’m thinking of getting for my next presentation: a remote – seriously, I can’t believe I don’t already have one. I’d also add a hotspot – those things are priceless in wireless dead zones.

For those of you that are big list makers (I know you’re out there – there’s plenty of Type A folks on #SAChat), here’s a new idea:  to-stop list. You know those pesky little things that keep distracting you from getting all your to-dos done? The to-stop list idea suggests putting all of those on a list, thereby leaving time and brain space to get your real to-dos done. My only question is, what if my to-do list is a combination of to-dos and to-stops? I think I might be out of luck.

And last but certainly not least (it’s a short list today, I know – sorry about that, the head is not doing well), this little ditty courtesy of Brenda on designer QR Codes. Alright, maybe you won’t find it nearly as interesting or geekishly cool (what? That’s a word, isn’t it?) as we did, but you have to admit, it would be pretty sweet to have a QR code that looks like it’s made of M&Ms or wine. Oooh, or Legos, or like an Apple logo, or – well, this could go on forever.

Hope you enjoyed today’s Linkage Love. Remember, you can always submit link suggestions to us in the comments below – we’d love to see what you’re reading!

Linkage Love

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