Blog Prompt: Missing Technology?

By Brenda Bethman

I have been racking my brain for the past few days to figure out what I would write about for this blog prompt (in case you missed it, this week’s prompt asked: “What item of technology do you miss from the past, and why did/do you love it so much?”), because honestly, I don’t miss any item of technology from the past. The MacBook Air that I am writing this on has way more power than the Tandy I bought in 1995, it’s super portable and best of all, it does not run Windows 3.1 (remember Windows 3.1?).

Similarly, my iPhone is far superior to my old Palm Pilot, so no I don’t miss that. I have a certain nostalgia for it as the first item of technology that showed me how much more organized my life could be, but I certainly don’t want it back.


Then it hit me — the Polaroid camera! I have mourned the demise of the Polaroid since they stopped making it. In the course of Googling around for images for this post, however, I discovered that the Polaroid lives again! (Somehow I’d missed that). So, I have to go with, I really don’t miss any of my old tech.

How about you? Is there any item you’d love to bring back? Let us know in the comments!

Blog Prompt: Missing Technology?

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