Blog Prompt Monday Response

by Jennifer Keegin

Today’s Blog Prompt was:

What social media horror stories from work have you heard or do you know of?

I have to say that most of the social media stories are personal and are misuses of Facebook. I have gotten to the point where the usage of Facebook is apparently so hard for some to grasp, that I do not enjoy using Facebook anymore.

I haven’t had any personal information “outed” to the world…YET, but have several examples of close friends/relatives who have had their secrets told to the masses via Facebook after explicitly saying that the news was “private” and/or not to be shared.

I’m always amazed at how others find that they have no problem sharing news that is not theirs to share. If someone is sick (maybe even with life threatening illness) and they have not posted that information to Facebook – then you shouldn’t either. If someone is pregnant – that is their status to share and an update for you to “Like”.

I’m sure others had a different reaction to today’s question and probably came at if from a completely different angle. I’d be interested to hear others horror stories in regards to Social Media.

Blog Prompt Monday Response

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