Linkage Love: Women & Finances

by Stephanie Wintling

As I’m beginning my second year as full-time Student Affairs professional, budgeting has become a high priority. Planning for retirement, creating a budget, saving an emergency fund, saving for upcoming events, and saving for my eventual move off-campus are all priorities for me right now. Over the last year I’ve come across some very helpful and empowering websites in regards to finances.

Learnvest – This website offers an array of financial help. There are newsletters, budget tools, and ample articles to help guide women with their finances. Their daily newsletter always has an interesting article that educates and guides me in my financial journey. I just signed up for their newsletter about the Market and I’m so excited to learn more about the global Stock Market.

DailyWorth – This website offers a daily newsletter and the information provided is truly life changing. The best part about their newsletter is they feature real woman and their financial struggles. It’s super reassuring that at any age you can get your finances together and prepare yourself for the future.

SaavySugar – This website features practical and relevant articles on career and finances. Their website is super resourceful on tips and tricks on saving money and getting the best deals with your money.

One of my passions is empowering women through organizing their financial house. These are just some of the few sites I found with a similar mission. What websites or tips and tricks do you use to manage your finances or find financial information?

[Photo Credit: Flickr user YanivG, Creative Commons license]

Linkage Love: Women & Finances

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