Blog Prompt Monday

As you may have noticed, we here at Student Affairs Women Talk Tech love to be organized – lists, calendars, you name it, we use it all. So now we want to find out what you’re using – and what we’ll be checking out next!

What technology tools do you use to stay organized (list apps, calendars, etc.)? If there is one you’d like to see, what would it look like?

We are looking forward to adding some new apps or tools to our resources! Remember to link back to your post in the comments below and tweet it out using the #sawomenblog hashtag. Share the organization love!

Blog Prompt Monday

One thought on “Blog Prompt Monday

  1. #sawomenblog is asking about Tech tools for organization…I guess I can say that I use my MS Outlook as much as possible (tasks, scheduling, notes , flagging, project prioritization) in conjunction with MS Project, and personal weekly progress templates. If it is already exists in my computer and I use it for other work related reasons (Outlook for e-mail) I try to use the software to it’s full potential.

    I have also used MS OneNote for it’s ease of use and ability to filter on tags. Our Division of Student Affairs has actually set-up its 3 year strategic plan in MS OneNote to better track progress.  My university is moving over to SharePoint in many ways, so I look forward to using that in the future for project management.


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