Why Student Affairs Professionals will survive the Zombie Apocalypse [Infographic]

by Jess Samuels (@jessmsamuels)

Have you ever been watching a zombie movie or TV show and wondered how you would fair if you were stuck in the same situation?  I have often, and have recently come to the conclusion that as student affairs professionals we are better off than the average person when it comes to living in a post-apocalyptic world.  We’ve got the the resources and the experience, because let’s face it, come April we all feel like zombies (@clconzen).

Do you know more SAPro survival skills? Post them on the comments below!  Also, I HIGHLY suggest checking out the Disaster Preparedness Simulation Exercise created by a UF employee in 2009.  Read all about the controversy is caused on the SunSentinel.com.  In that regard, I would like to say that this was created in jest and is in no way associated with the college at which I work.

Below this infographic I have listed all of the great tweets that contributed to the creation of this post.  Thank you to everyone who gave me their ideas!  A enlarged version of the converted H1N1 sign is also posted below.

<click on graphic for a full size version>

SAZombies Contributions:

  • Friday duty nights are nothing compared to nights of the living dead @Clconzen
  • Face it…come April we all feel like zombies @Clconzen
  • SA pros negotiate work/life balance while zombies balance work/undeath balance @Clconzen
  • SA pros running on all cylinders with almost no sleep is just a normal day at work. @ECrumrine
  • We have closets full of snacks and candy for next week’s program & keys to the univ getaway golf @OberBecca
  • We’ll just write a developmental theory that will make their brains explode as they connect to emotion. @Kmagura
  • Hoarding supplies, leading groups of survivors, first aid kits, availability of sporting equipment and board games. @demonsean
  • We certainly WON’T if we do our thing and “meet them where they are” 😉 @justcameo
  • ZBSD reference from the unofficial Emergency Planning Document, UF Disaster Preparedness Simulation Exercise (Check out page 5 for the “Infected Co-Worker Dispatch Form”)


Graphic Credits: Flashlight by Mark A. Hicks, Candy from Clipartheaven.com, Pea shooter from Bryan Lopez, Tired Student from 1photos.com , Undead student & party zombies from JessFaulk, Key from Freepik.com, Golf Cart from Muddy Waters Metal Art , Microphone from WorldPolicy.org , Zombie Twitter Sticker from coolpics.blogspot.com , H1N11 sign from safetysign.com , Brain by BestVector & ZBSD reference by UF staff member
Why Student Affairs Professionals will survive the Zombie Apocalypse [Infographic]

4 thoughts on “Why Student Affairs Professionals will survive the Zombie Apocalypse [Infographic]

  1. juliyaask says:

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    (collision), I would have to shoot him. Luckily he exited the road
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