Open Thread: Where did January go?

Welcome to February, er, well almost February.  Is anyone else wondering where January went to?  I sure am.  I think with the busyness of the holidays November through early January, we sort of lose the rest of the month recovering from it all.

Since January tends to be the month of resolutions, goal setting, and life style changes, I wanted to check with YOU.  How are YOU doing with all those resolutions, goals or what-nots that you listed out just a month ago?

A few years ago I stopped making resolutions, but instead use the beginning of the year as a fresh start.  The beginning of the year, also falls on my birthday too (or my birthday falls on the beginning of the year).  At any rate, I went back and read what I’d written the first of the year.  I have to say I’m staying on point.

Are you someone who makes New Years Resolutions?  If so, what were some of them?  If not, why not?  If you make them, do you actually stick with those resolutions, goals or lifestyle changes until they are fully achieved?

Why do you think it’s so difficult for individuals to stick with those goals?  I’ve always noticed an trend in health related fitness goals, because the gym is a little more crowded.  But as the days and months go by those who were at the gym lessen.  It’s fine with me because there isn’t as long of a wait for the weights or cardio equipment.

How does technology help you achieve those New Years resolutions?  Do you find that “announcing” something on Facebook or Twitter help you stay more accountable?  For me I try not to announce too much stuff, such as goals or resolutions of sorts on many social networks.  I find that it sometimes thwarts the process for me.  I like to follow through on something and then post my success!

Since February is going to be here whether we like it or not, may you use the start of a new month to get back on track.  If you’re chugging along, great keep it up!  Best wishes in 2012!

Open Thread: Where did January go?

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