[Infographic] Why SAPros are really superheroes in disguise #saheroes

#saheroesThank you to all of my contributors!  As always it is amazing to hear back from the twitter community &  create something crowdsourced 🙂

@clconzen: Batman had the batsignal, we have the duty pager/cell phone
@clconzen: We’re constantly in touch with our multiple identities
@JoeGinese: Uses for duct tape, uses for colored paper, uses for an open space….
@juliargolden: SAPros have the supernatural power of perception – can always tell when a student is lying in a conduct hearing
@juliargolden: SAPros have power of super camouflage. Parents, staff (and our family) & other students mistake us for students all of the time
@clconzen: Three words: Social Justice League
@clconzen: Super heros have a belt. We have a bag of tape, rubber bands, foam objects, and a smart phone. Our cape = a clipboard.
@JoeGinese: Eyes see through lies but also see unrealized potential
@JoeGinese: Superhero = dedicated to civic development. SA pro = dedicated to student development.
@JoeGinese: Weakened by dismissive faculty, helicopter parents
@JoeGinese: Battles apathy, alcohol, and attitudes.
@JoeGinese: In touch with multiple identity theories
@JoeGinese: Hero = pays attn to crimefighting than damages. SA = pays attn to damages to fight costs..
@JoeGinese: SA pro origin – housing, activities, athletics offices or radioactive assistantships/internships/conference volunteers
@JoeGinese: Resourced – access to enough supplies, networks, and listsevs to face any…
@JoeGinese: Flexible, from classroom, dormroom, conference room, emergency room. The SA pros’ skills know no bounds.
@JoeGinese: Internally powered. add (or chocolate or caffeine).
@KMcCarthy8185  Something about responding to crisis at lighting speed 🙂
@JennaMagnuski I do possess the power to run several events at the same time (several places at the same time)…
@debtaub: We also have newsprint and markers! #sahero #sasuperhero
@Kmagura: Blue tape is our weapon of choice. Our bat signal is a student in crisis
@Kmagura: A super power [is] our #sachat posse. Our social network is our sidekick
@mca_mike: B/c ‘maintaining a health work-life balance’ is just our way of saying ‘I have a secret identity when I’m not student developing’
@bRSevigny: There is much more to us than meets the eye, but no matter where we are, we’re looking out for students!
@JennaMagnuski: Sa Pros move so fast between events all in the same night they seem to have ability to create physical duplicates of oneself.
@amerikag (?): Can see through walls, sniff out lies, predict the future

Action Sounds for SAPros
@tomkrieglstein: ZOOM! The sound a SA person makes when rushing between two different campus events. #SAchat
@cindykane: WOMP, WOMP… the sound when your mom says something that reminds you she STILL doesn’t understand what you do for work
@JoshuaTepps: How about ZOOM is the sound made by SApros driving around on golf carts during summer orientation and move in days
@ECrumrine: “Crash”, the sound of a good SAPro breaking the ice! 🙂
@JennaMagnuski: “Ka-pow” for the climax of those zinger educational conversations.  😉
@JennaMagnuski:  “Boing”, because we spring out of places unexpectedly & startle students.  🙂
@radiofreegeorgy: WHOOSH! – quick to help resolve any issues!
@JoeGinese: Internally powered. add (or chocolate or caffeine).
@JoeGinese: ZOOM – the sound of student potential rising, POP, the sound of orientation balloons filled with too much excitement.
@JoeGinese: Internally powered. add (or chocolate or caffeine).
@JoeGinese: BOINGG the sound of spring weekend inflatables.

A special thank you to @demonsean & @Alfred_Day for the last minute edits!

Looking for other Student Affairs themed infographics, visit my blog:  http://jessfaulk.wordpress.com/category/infographic/

[Infographic] Why SAPros are really superheroes in disguise #saheroes

8 thoughts on “[Infographic] Why SAPros are really superheroes in disguise #saheroes

  1. Thea says:

    Greek Life/ Fraternity and Sorority Life is missing from the TEAM. We arent on every campus, but on those campuses in which we are on, we do A LOT!


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