Linkage Love

By Anitra Cottledge

At what point does an interest in technology intersect with nerddom or geekdom? I’m not sure, just as I’m not sure how many of our Student Affairs Women Talk Tech bloggers would refer to themselves as nerds or geeks. I personally love being a nerd and will talk about in further detail in a future post. But thinking about this did lead me to thinking about nerd culture and how that often gets coded. For the record, I don’t think there is always a correlation between nerddom and interest in technology. I, do, however, think that they are both coded concepts with often very particular associations. A few links exploring this topic:

White male nerd culture’s last stand – An examination of how identities are represented at SXSW.

Videoblogger and radio host Jay Smooth…points out that even such proactive systems can only go so far in a still-segregated world. “I do think it’s worth raising the conversation of why are there so many all-white dude panels within these big events,” he said, “but I think the conversation that has to be had, and the work that needs to be done goes deeper than the panel selection process and into the culture of these industries and scenes.”

Where is the Female Version of Donald Glover? –  Provides a list of geeky and nerdy black women in mainstream media (ex., Janelle Monae, Zoe Saldana, etc.). “So why can’t black women be shown as geeky or nerdy? We are either shown as being sassy, bossy, or Beyotchy.  But there are some exceptions.”

And a few opportunities for getting involved in nerddom/geekdom that is not automatically coded as white and/or male:

Black Thought 2.0 Conference: New Media and the Future of Black Studies – This conference just took place last week at Duke University.

Black Thought 2.0 will focus on the roles of digital technology and social media in furthering the mission of Black Studies. The conference will specifically explore how scholars are using technologies to further their research, do collaborative forms of scholarship and activism, and to reach broader audiences.

A Convention Just for Geeky Girls? I’m Down! – A brief write-up about GeekGirlCon (which takes place in August), which is dedicated to “recognizing and celebrating the contribution of women in all aspects of geek culture.”

Like a little video with your links? Try this video of a panel entitled, “Ask a Sista: Black Women Muse on Politics, Policy, Pop Culture and Scholarship.”

What are you thoughts on the nerd/technology narrative, particularly around issues of gender and race?

Linkage Love

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