Blogger’s Choice: Innovation in Technology

by Meghann Martinez

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about innovation in education and what that means. Working with technology it is common for colleagues to look to technology to perform the work of “innovation” and “cutting edge”.

What is innovation and what does it mean to be innovative?

Innovate: to make changes, to do something in a new way

We could argue that everyday something is considered innovative and with the bells of technology almost everything could fit this definition above. While I don’t have all the answers or even the perfect definition of “innovate,” I do know what it looks like and feels like when I see it.

With conferences focusing on un-conferencing, big ideas, small ideas, new ideas, researched ideas- How do we distinguish what is truly innovative in higher education and student affairs technology? Have you attended conferences of this type and what do you feel is most innovative?

Below are links to some of my favorite upcoming or recent projects/ creations in education and/or technology. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments below.

  1. The $75 tablet, bought to you by the “One Laptop per Child” folks
  2. Interactive Whiteboard Community, yes, that boring “smart” board. Promethean Planet, free.
  3. McAllen ISD in Texas rolls out iPads and iTouches to thousands of students and staff
  4. Google Smart Glasses
  5. Nike’s Fuel Band
  6. BrainHoney, who says you have to be a teacher to teach?

Last question, I’m in a solutions mode. So leave your life/work hiccups, problems or grrrrs below and I’ll respond with a solution.


Blogger’s Choice: Innovation in Technology

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