Linkage Love: Randomness

As Kristen noted recently, it’s April. If you’re in Student Affairs (well, or higher ed at all), you know what that means.

So it will come as no surprise to y’all that I am super wicked behind on my blog reading. Luckily, I have clever Facebook friends who read interesting things — so here is a collection of random, but interesting, links curated by my Facebook friends:

A Feminist Professor’s Closing Chapters — looks at Susan Gubar’s new book chronicling her experience with ovarian cancer. Not tech-related, but a fascinating piece. I definitely need to get and read her book.

Prof Hacker helps us (yes, staff, too) schedule our “endless” summer. I’ve already downloaded Diacarta and am so far having fun with it.

Lewd Dude Messes with the Wrong Olympian — lesson: be careful to whom you “sext”

Can Microsoft Come Back? — an interesting chronicle of a month without Apple or Google. Although, as the friend who shared this pointed out “only, you know, make it be about women.” Someone want to write that?

“Dear Lena Durham — I Exist” — Racialicious on Girls and Race

Finally, a publishing exec on “Why I Break DRM on E-Books”

See, I told you it was random! But really very interesting. Happy Reading! And may you survive April in one piece.

Linkage Love: Randomness

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