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by Colleen Riggle

When do you leave work?  When you LEAVE work do you really leave work? Or do you feel like technology keeps you continually connected to the office?

In this recent article, it brought up the thought again, for me, about working, balance and having a family (or not).  Here is a quote from the article:

“But, let’s forget about having family or being married for a minute. 5:30 as an on average time for going home should be acceptable for everyone — single or not single … family or no family — assuming you don’t come into the office everyday at 11 a.m.”

So let me ask you again, when do you leave work?  Do you ever get “the look” if you leave at five minutes til? Or maybe come in a few minutes late?

For me, I have worked a 7:30-4:30 schedule for several years.  I adjusted my hours more so to avoid traffic and to carpool with my hubby, however it’s shifted now to being able to get home in time enough to kiss my baby good night!

The article brings up an interesting point about work, and what we used to have to only do in the office most of us can do from our phone, tablet or other mobile device.  I’ll be honest that I work a pretty strict 8 hours work day for family reasons, but I am known to read and respond to email at night or in the wee hours of the morning.  It’s not expected nor is it encouraged however, it helps allow me to not feel guilty when or if I were ever to get the looks leaving at 4:30p.m.  Honestly what was most difficult were 4 p.m. meetings that would run over and feeling guilty about having to excuse myself, so now I have made a point to end my available meeting time at 4 p.m.  It’s been actually quite beneficial because it gives me time to wrap up and prepare for the next day!

So how do you feel technology has changed the way you work or the hours in which you work?  Is telecommuting acceptable?  Granted many of us in Student Affairs work with students, so being available to meet with them is key.  However, I do find technology allows the boundaries of the traditional work day to be blurred a bit and often extend into what would have been traditionally seen as non-work hours.

Blogger’s Choice

Linkage Love: Technology + Women

by Meghann Martinez

This week I’ve decided to dedicate my linkage love post to other women in technology bloggers. So after you’ve read all the great posts here you can mosey down the internet highway and find more great information. What are your favorite technology blogs written by women?

Across the pond: Women In Technology blog, UK-

Gadgets aren’t just for boys: Chip Chick, “technology and gadgets from a girl’s perspective”-

Community of Women: Channel 9, highlighting the people behind the tech-

Mom Tech: AppHipMom, highlighting apps to make life easier-

 Business Women in Tech: SheBytes, sassy blog for business women with an interest in tech-

Co-ed site for Women: CuteGeek, founded by male/female co-workers focusing on the female perspective in the technology world-

Linkage Love: Technology + Women

Blogger’s Choice

by Jennifer Keegin

Writing blog posts for a women’s blog, a women’s tech blog on a regular basis is challenging, and yet – I always manage to find something that I have inside me that I want to share with other women who are interested in Tech. Here’s what’s on my mind this week:

Social Media Week: I’m knee deep in a week’s worth of events for our University revolving around Social Media. Taking the example of Bridgewater State University, I designed a week’s worth of topics which were turned into “Nooner Events”. LinkedIn, Cyber Stalking, Creating an Online Identity, and Google + Hangouts will all be covered. At first this series of events was created to fulfill the desires of my superiors to see more programming come from Campus Activities separate from the events done by the Dean of Students and the Late Nite Binghamton program. The great thing is that it truly fit with an interest I already have – a passion really – and turn it into something fun to plan. Already today I have conversations with “fringe” students about Social Media (when they just came into the room for free pizza). I’m truly interested to see where this goes by the end of the week. We have blog prompts everyday and also there is a Social Media Challenge where the winner will get a new Kindle Fire.

The Power of Social Media: Our Greek system is currently on lockdown due to numerous reports of serious hazing going on during this pledge session. All pledging has stopped and several incidents are under investigation. The most interesting thing about this situation on this campus is how fast the word got out via social media and the effects it has had on the campus community. In one day I saw the Greek Advisor go from deciding a course of action, to having a plan, to the local newspaper attending the emergency meeting planned for all Greek Presidents. I saw this notice via Twitter. Next thing we knew the next day the University was mentioned in a Wall Street Journal article and then later that day a NY Times article. Then came the slew of parent phone calls and desperate students “dropping” in our office to see who was in trouble. Bad news travels FAST.

Skype: My parents live in Seattle. I live in Upstate NY. We Skype. My daughter has been Skyping since she was two weeks old. But here’s what I found amazing this week. My parents are getting ready to retire this year and sell their house. They are packing everything up to stage the house. Via Skype my mother was able to show me items that she wanted to know if I wanted to save or not. This cut out so much time. Instead of writing a list of items down, or taking pictures of everything – she was able to go through three large containers full of cassette tapes to see if I still wanted them. (I have a cassette player in my car. It was a used car when I bought it.) This would have been so much more complicated without Skype.

So that’s what’s on my brain this week. Has Tech enhanced your life this week?

Blogger’s Choice

Blog Prompt – What is the future for technology in student affairs?

by Kathryn Magura

What is the future for technology in student affairs?

When I saw the prompt for today, my brain started to go into overdrive with possibilities. In my experience, student affairs as a whole has been largely slow to embrace technology. However, when social media started to gain popularity, student affairs practitioners started to shift their opinions on technology. Many of us have found ways to utilize technology to engage with students via social media, and I see this trend continuing in the future.

We have talked about Pinterest in this blog before, and I believe many student affairs units are still trying to figure out how to use Pinterest to compliment programs and services we provide. I’ve heard some student affairs administrators talk about having design and recipe contests on Pinterest, as well as Admissions and Orientation staff discuss ways to use Pinterest to help students make their decision to attend the university. I look forward to seeing how colleagues across the country find innovative ways to use this new social media outlet to serve students.

As we continue to look for ways to integrate with the academic side of the house, I think technology and social media could help bridge the gap. Whether it be through “smart” classrooms in residence halls, or flat screen TVs used for advertising purposes in student unions, there are many ways we can work with technology to reach out to our students.

Speaking as someone who works on the customer service side of the house, I can tell you that students and their families expect fast responses to their questions. As student affairs practitioners, this means that we need to find ways to use technology to better our services and responses to inquiries. This may mean having intentional redesigns of our websites and even integrating online chat technology during business hours. It may also mean having some online office hours scheduled after regular business hours if it is more convenient for students.

Clearly I cannot predict the future (but how awesome would it be if I COULD??), but I want to encourage my colleagues in student affairs to continue down the path of embracing technology. In my opinion, technology enhances our ability to serve the ever-changing needs of our students.

So now you tell me, what do you think the future of technology in student affairs will be?

Blog Prompt – What is the future for technology in student affairs?

April Absurdity

by Kristen Abell

I’m just going to start by saying this isn’t a strictly “tech” post – it’s more about student affairs in general. What is it about this time of year that makes us feel we have to cram every last little bit of celebration, assessment, meetings and work into these 30 days. Thirty days where we really feel like getting outside more to enjoy a little bit of spring weather after the bleakness of winter. Thirty days where we’re already a bit worn down by the year and so may not be at our best for all of these events or projects. Thirty days that, let’s face it, make many of us want to drink – heavily.

I sometimes wonder if it isn’t a casualty of being on a college campus and exposed to so much youth – it feels like we have all the time in the world in front of us, and so we delay stuff until tomorrow that could be done today. And then it’s April and we panic – the students are leaving! And I still need to get this, this, and that done before they leave!

Or is it just that the end of the year brings about that need to celebrate something, no matter that it adds more work to our plate and evenings spent on campus? Why aren’t we celebrating more during the year, spreading things out a little, so to speak?

Perhaps I’m entering this month a little more reflective than most Aprils, as my body decided to slow things down preemptively for me with a cold. This isn’t healthy! it says to me. You must take care of yourself!

Okay, okay, I know we can’t change YEARS of the celebratory, end-of-year madness that is April overnight, but just do me a favor, will you? When you make it to the other side, make sure to spend just as much energy recovering and taking care of yourself as you did for the students this month, alright?

April Absurdity

Linkage Love

By Anitra Cottledge

At what point does an interest in technology intersect with nerddom or geekdom? I’m not sure, just as I’m not sure how many of our Student Affairs Women Talk Tech bloggers would refer to themselves as nerds or geeks. I personally love being a nerd and will talk about in further detail in a future post. But thinking about this did lead me to thinking about nerd culture and how that often gets coded. For the record, I don’t think there is always a correlation between nerddom and interest in technology. I, do, however, think that they are both coded concepts with often very particular associations. A few links exploring this topic:

White male nerd culture’s last stand – An examination of how identities are represented at SXSW.

Videoblogger and radio host Jay Smooth…points out that even such proactive systems can only go so far in a still-segregated world. “I do think it’s worth raising the conversation of why are there so many all-white dude panels within these big events,” he said, “but I think the conversation that has to be had, and the work that needs to be done goes deeper than the panel selection process and into the culture of these industries and scenes.”

Where is the Female Version of Donald Glover? –  Provides a list of geeky and nerdy black women in mainstream media (ex., Janelle Monae, Zoe Saldana, etc.). “So why can’t black women be shown as geeky or nerdy? We are either shown as being sassy, bossy, or Beyotchy.  But there are some exceptions.”

And a few opportunities for getting involved in nerddom/geekdom that is not automatically coded as white and/or male:

Black Thought 2.0 Conference: New Media and the Future of Black Studies – This conference just took place last week at Duke University.

Black Thought 2.0 will focus on the roles of digital technology and social media in furthering the mission of Black Studies. The conference will specifically explore how scholars are using technologies to further their research, do collaborative forms of scholarship and activism, and to reach broader audiences.

A Convention Just for Geeky Girls? I’m Down! – A brief write-up about GeekGirlCon (which takes place in August), which is dedicated to “recognizing and celebrating the contribution of women in all aspects of geek culture.”

Like a little video with your links? Try this video of a panel entitled, “Ask a Sista: Black Women Muse on Politics, Policy, Pop Culture and Scholarship.”

What are you thoughts on the nerd/technology narrative, particularly around issues of gender and race?

Linkage Love

Texts from Hillary Love

By Brenda Bethman

I had great plans this week of writing about the #dayofhighered that I participated in last week and the debates going on in the academic blogosphere about the 40-hour-work week. It’s April, however, which means I am swamped and just don’t have the mental energy for a “real” post.

So, instead, I want to share with you (in case you’re one of the 3 people who hasn’t seen it), the hot new Tumblr, Texts from Hillary — if you haven’t seen it, go check it out right now. Here’s a sample:

The site and Mashable also reported today that Secretary Clinton submitted her own text from Hillary.

There are so many things I love about this site: first, it’s Hillary and I swoon for her. But more importantly, I love it that she submitted her own and that she gets the humor of it. After having been unfairly characterized for so many years as a humorless feminist (itself a myth), it’s nice to see her getting attention for her lighter side. Don’t get me wrong, I also love that she is remaking the Secretary of State job into a feminist job — but it’s important to have fun while doing so. I’m glad she’s showing the rest of the world what so many of us already knew — that defending women’s rights is important, deadly serious work, but that you can have fun while doing it.

(Oh, and I will definitely get to that other post as soon as April is over…..)


Texts from Hillary Love