Blogger’s Choice: Stress Mess

By Meghann Martinez

It’s that time folks! We’re winding down just to wind back up soon. If you work in Orientation or Admissions this is high season. So how do you keep your sanity?

In two weeks I will be breaking by visiting several European countries in 10 days. But, for those who cannot hop the pond let’s explore some other options:

  • Go outside, exercise raises your endorphine level and relieves stress
  • Take a lunch or meeting off-campus, a change of scenery!
  • Play the bubblewrap app
  • Take some me time- get a haircut, manicure or massage to feel fresh
  • Read a light hearted book
  • LAUGH! Read comics, watch cat YouTube videos, or whatever else you may find humorous.

If the above is not feasible and you must plow on at your desk and in meetings here are some strategies I like to practice.

  • Balance your meetings! Try not to stack them all up in one day and try to leave the entire morning or afternoon open to complete work in the office.
  • The night before start by reviewing your next day’s schedule and determining the tasks you have to complete for the upcoming day.
  • Avoid checking/answering emails while working on tasks. I find that I get sidetracked and that the email is always still there when I’m done.
  • Leave at 5 p.m. or whatever your scheduled time is. I know this is a hard one for SA pros. It’s important to prioritize  and focus during the day so you can check-out on time. We are no good to anyone fatigued.

If you have never heard of Tim Ferris check out his blog on lifestyle design and his book the 4-hour work week.

Blogger’s Choice: Stress Mess

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