App Highlight: Facebook Camera App

by Jennifer Keegin

As most of you know, Facebook bought Instagram for a billion dollars. I was instantly horrified. As someone who wishes they could move away from Facebook but can’t (tethered by long distant relationships with all of my family and high school friends) I found this news to be troublesome because I love Instagram and hated to think of it going to the way side like other apps that I’ve known and loved. (RIP Gowalla).

I wasn’t even interested in downloading the app. Then I read this article called “Thanks Instagram It’s Been Fun But I’m Out Of Here” on Simply Zesty.

A couple of points interested me. Better quality photos and the ability to share directly with Facebook, and the fact that there’s a website you can go to to view the shots.

So I downloaded the app to check it out. I kinda like it. I too found the quality of the images to be better and its easy to use. Obviously the immediate integration onto Facebook was nice – However – I do still like to use Nostalgio (the app I highlighted last time in my post) so I can see where I will have to keep playing around to see which is truly the best. A great feature of Facebook Camera and its one real selling point over Instagram is multi-photo uploads. This helps you tell a story or share the best photos from a day’s outing in a single post. It’s great for if you can’t decide which shot is best and don’t want to go through the sharing flow over and over. Instagram does have more filters though, 17, plus light adjustment and tilt-shift that Facebook’s new app doesn’t.

Would love to hear feedback from others – thoughts? Comparisons?

App Highlight: Facebook Camera App

3 thoughts on “App Highlight: Facebook Camera App

  1. I was in NYC from 6/2 through 6/6 and taking instagram photos like crazy the whole time.  I wish I read your article before I got back.  Can’t wait to try it out.  Thanks for the review 🙂


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