Summer Vacation

By Colleen Riggle

Yes, folks it’s that time again!  And thanks to Alice Cooper (and youtube) we have a song to celebrate!

While our friends in the Northeast and a few other exceptions have a few more days, most kids/people are celebrating the last days of school!  Whether in kindergarten or in graduate school the last days of school are probably some of the most exciting! It means a new freedom for a few months (unless you’re taking summer school), usually warmer weather and perhaps being able to read book(s) for leisure!

What do you remember most about summer?  Do you have a favorite summer tradition?  If you have small ones in your life, have you started any traditions?  Perhaps the “family vacation”?

Something that’s been on my mind lately it how technology play in to summer plans?  When you go on vacation, how prone are you to still check email? Do you respond or just skim? I’ll admit that I’m guilty of both, checking and responding! I find it hard to disconnect from the day to day messages that come in regularly but admire those who are able to fully disconnect!

With summer upon us how will be celebrate, spend your time and involve technology (or not) into those plans?  What’s on your summer reading list? What will you do if taking a staycation?  We have a staycation coming up in the next week and I’m actually excited to not have to pack a van, plan an itinerary, but instead be able to lounge around the house…well as much as one can with a 8mo old!

So whether you’re going on multiple trips, or no trips enjoy summer and all it has to offer!

Summer Vacation

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