As I was preparing for my NEACUHO presentation “Breaking through the firewall: #womentech” I was very excited to find a number of videos and articles that highlighted fabulous female technologists, shed light on the gender dynamic in the industry, and opened my eyes to a new ways of thinking about the growing online world of women 2.0.

In this week’s linkage love, I would like to share with you some of my favorites.

When I began my search for articles on my presentation topic was incredibly impressed with the enormous number of pieces aggregated on the Huffington Post “Women in Tech” page.  I am definitely book marking this page and coming back often!


This article raises some interesting questions about technology company trends, and technology companies downward movement in regards to women in leadership positions.  The article shares 2010 Reuters data and at the bottom has a series of video clips from a “Women in Tech” series.  One of my favorites is Marissa Mayer, the first female  engineer at google.


The first thing I noticed about this website when I arrived was how beautiful it was.  In particular, I was drawn in by the header, which really made being a “women who tech” seem so fun and whimsical.  On the front page they share the why it is important to have this space for women.  These three ideas are becoming my own mantra as I begin to talk more and more about this important topic:

  • Women are underrepresented
  • To Break Down Barriers
  • To Mobilize a network of Women

Easily my favorite part of the website of course of their <fact> Women Rule. </fact> infographic!


From the womenwhotech.com website I also found the #women2follow hashtag, created in 2009 in response to the lack of women profiled on top 10 tech and social media lists.  I look forward to using this one in the near future.

On the women 2.0 entrepreneurial-focused website I stumbled upon a enjoyable keynote speech from Kara Swisher, Co-Executive editor of All things D, on “4 Reasons why females will rule the future.”  Her message about “pushing harder” when things get tough instead of making excuses as to why you shouldn’t step it up really resonated with me.


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