by Kristen Abell

So one of the fun things we do here at Student Affairs Women Talk Tech is create the occasional internal prompt to which our bloggers respond just to keep thing fresh and kinda crazy. My prompt for today (which I came up with, so not as crazy, I admit) is about where I go/what I do to blog/get inspired.

Well, dur, I go to the interwebs, of course! Not only is there a ridiculous amount of stimuli available for blog fodder, but there is the occasional online conversation that stirs up all sorts of ideas and blog posts (see the Kristen AbellJoe Ginese posts on our blogs lately for samples of this, or the #SATech chat I’ve gotten to co-found with Joe Sabado. Huh, apparently I like me some Joes). The Reverb Broads project I do with my fellow blogger Kassie Sands and whatever broads decide to join us also provides me with quite a bit of inspiration.

Beyond the sort of mental inspiration provided here, I’m thinking that when I wrote this prompt I actually meant where I go physically to blog. Frankly, once I got a MacBook Air, I go pretty much wherever I want (See how I got that little tech plug in there? I know, I know, impressive, really). Right now, I’m blogging at our dining room table. Last night I blogged from my bed – my most frequent blogging spot. Occasionally I use the office I painted last summer for my use (which now also serves as a storage room/physical therapy for Sean room). Mostly, I just need relative quiet or music, not too much physical stimulation (unless it’s good people watching), and my Air.

Where do you go to blog or get inspired?


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