August Anticipation

by Kristen Abell

It’s that time of year in student affairs – we’re all prepping buildings to open, working on advising and enrolling new students, finishing up last-minute summer projects, and generally getting ready for the onslaught: The Students Are Coming!

For many of us, this is a stressful time of year – we are working later hours and weekends to get ready. We may or may not get to see our families or friends during the next few weeks. While some folks still claim August is summer, most of us can’t remember the last time August was anything but the beginning of fall.

On the other hand, we also know that this is go time – this is everything we prepare for the rest of the year. Why else are we here if not for these students? We know that there may be trials ahead, but there are also likely to be triumphs, and this time that hangs in the balance is nothing if not full of possibilities for the coming year.

It is with all of this in mind that this blog goes into its third year of publication – with some of our original bloggers, but also some new faces. You’ll see a number of the same types of posts this fall, although we’re cutting back to four per week instead of five with fewer bloggers this time around. We’ll still be doing our weekly Linkage Love on Wednesdays, sharing the best of apps, women in technology and practices to make life easier on Thursdays, and whatever our bloggers come up with on Tuesdays. We continue to grow and change as we encounter new professionals and new technologies. We hope you’ll continue to join us on our journey.

Welcome back to SA Women Talk Tech – the Fall 2012 version!

August Anticipation

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