App Addiction

By Brenda Bethman

As Anitra did last week, I also have a confession — one that is also related to the apps on my iPhone / iPad. In my case, its that I am just a wee bit addicted to trying new apps. So much so that I currently have 143 apps installed on my phone, 148 on the iPad and a library of 223 in iTunes on my Mac (and this is after a major purge a bit ago during which I deleted close to 100 apps from iTunes).

There are a few reasons for this addiction of mine:

  • One is that I genuinely enjoy playing around with and testing new apps (and hey, I do co-edit a tech blog, so thats probably a good thing). As this was a long weekend, I spent some time downloading some new apps, playing around with them, and then deciding whether to keep them (Drafts made the cut, Smartr did not, and the jury is still out on Things).
  • Secondly is that I am a bit of a digital hoarder. Paper I will throw out, but I hang on to my apps just in case I need them sometime. Yes, I know I can re-download at any time, but that requires an Internet connection and time. What if I need the app right away?!? Much better to have it on my phone.
  • Third is the belief that somewhere out there the perfect app is waiting for me — one that will accurately and beautifully forecast the weather, one that will magically organize the chaos of my contacts, one that will keep my to-do lists in such perfect order that I will become more productive overnight, etc., etc. I know thats a myth, and yet…..the hope and promise of a new app is like a siren call, one to which I succumb again and again.

What about you? Are an app addict? Or a buy-just-what-you-need kind of app buyer? Let us know. Oh, and if you have any tips for that app that might just change my life, please leave a link in the comments!


App Addiction

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