Linkage Love: Nerdy T-Shirt

by Kathryn Magura

Seems like everyone loves a good nerdy t-shirt (or as I call them, nerdshirts). Whether it’s a retro t-shirt that makes you reminisce about favorite pop culture memories from the past, or you just like the style, there are a number of websites that have new nerdshirts posted each day for the more pop-culture minded people. For today’s linkage love, I thought I’d share some of my favorite sites for nerdshirts. Please feel free to add your own recommendations to the comments.

  1. Think Geek – One of my favorite nerdy sites in general is Think Geek. Therefore, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that some of my favorite nerdshirts have come from this site. A personal favorite I received is this gem from the Big Bang Theory.
  2. Teefury – Teefury posts a new shirt every 24 hours, and I find that I’m very proud of myself when I understand the reference for the day. Chances are if the shirt has some reference to Star Wars, the Muppets, the Goonies, or the Beatles, I’m probably going to get it.
  3. Shirt Woot – Some of you may be familiar with the daily deals posted at, but did you know they did the same thing with t-shirts? These shirts are usually amusing, and reasonably priced. My personal issue with their nerdshirts is that they tend to be shorter, which makes them look a little awkward on some of us with longer torsos.
  4. Ript Apparel – One of my newer favorite nerdshirt sites is Ript Apparel. I find that the quality of material in the shirts is the best here, an some of the inside nerd jokes are harder for the average nerd to understand. In my opinion, you get more nerd cred if you buy from Ript Apparel.
  5. Tee Magnet – In case you don’t have time to keep up with all the changing nerdshirt deals every day, I recommend checking Tee Magnet once a day. Tee Magnet aggregates the daily deals of many of the popular nerdshirts each day, and even tells you when the next shirt for that particular site will be posted.

Enjoy, and happy shopping!

Linkage Love: Nerdy T-Shirt

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