Blog Prompt – How does marketing affect women in technology?

by Colleen Riggle

Women have been associated with shopping which dates well back to the concept.  I grew up a shopper, red tags, clearance and “black friday” are all part of who I am an individual, but I know not all woman like to shop.  So when it comes to marketing and the affects of women in technology it’s a mixed bag.  There was a quote I once read recently that summed up people’s assumptions of women in a technology.  It went something like this:

“Women like the idea of technology and men like to know how to build the technology. It doesn’t mean you get rid of women in engineering but instead find things women are interested in”

There are several things wrong with the quote above, as are with assuming all women love to shop.  I recently read an article about the insights of marketing to women and while there are still a growing number of women in the technological field, we are still out numbered by the men who hold those roles.

“It’s much easier to market a product your audience wants. And hearing the female voice early rather than later could mean a significant difference in your bottom line.”


“Although 3 of the 10 best-paying jobs for women are in the tech sector, 56% of women who enter the field of technology, leave for other careers.”

Now, let me ask you again, how does marketing affect women in technology?  It would appear that we are still functioning under the assumption that most men are behind the marketing to women.   Companies that begin to connect the dots would be wise to make a concerted effort to both solicit and retain women in the tech arena.

Enough said!

Blog Prompt – How does marketing affect women in technology?

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