Linkage Love: Design, Marketing, & Connection

by Jess Faulk

When I write a linkage love blog I usually like to connect it to a theme.  This is the same as when you give a present; all blue, all relaxation items, all baseball related, etc.  It gives a reader a sense of connectedness with what you are talking about.  This week, my theme is merely ‘my life.’  The only connecting thread is what I am experiencing in my world, what I am learning, and what I want to share with you.

As many folks in my life know, I have always been attracted to beautiful design.  For years I have collected books, magazine clippings, and website links to pages with fabulous design layouts.  I’ve never thought of it as much more than a hobby, something I do in my “spare” time, that also comes in handy in my ResLife day job.  But now, since being accepted into Simmons College Master of Communication Management program, I can blend the practical knowledge of this program with my passion for learning. I am on cloud 9, finally learning the technical side of design in my visual communication class.

Below are several links inspired by this class.  I hope to share much more of what I learn throughout the semester with the SAWTT community, as I believe many of you, whether design fans or not, will find the lessons I am learning as helpful in your day job as I am in mine.

Adobe Kuler ImageAdobe® Kuler®

The web-hosted application for generating color themes that can inspire any project

Tonight in class, my professor Jane Hayward showed us this website that helps you pick out matching colors for your project.  Sure, many of us will just stick with the template provided for us by Microsoft or Apple, or even pick out colors at random hoping they look good, but this website will help you create those color palates that really make your design pop.  The best part of this site is its “create” feature, which allows you to upload a photo and pull out specific colors from that photo.  This is especially helpful if you are planning a poster or a creating an infographic around a large image.

FutureM Boston & The 10 rules of Modern Marketing: Creating “Customer Love” in the Digital Age

Future-MToday I received an email from The Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange (MITX) about an upcoming event in Boston, the FutureM conference, bringing “together marketing and technology innovators to contemplate and celebrate the future of Marketing.”  The conference will integrate debates, demos, hackathons, meet-ups, presentations, unconferences, and every other sort of learning style.  The idea of stepping outside of student affairs and learning something new that I can bring back into the field is exciting for me.  It helps me break out of one way of thinking, gets me excited about innovation, and helps me network with professionals outside of the student affairs field.  The article I linked to above is one of the conference advertising pieces that shares a perspective on using modern marketing to create customer connection.  I invite you to read it and think of what you are doing to create connection between your office and the students you serve.  Are you creating “Customer Love”? Note: FutureM is FREE for students!  Share the link if you work in the Boston area, or want to visit for the week!

Campus to Community: A project of Socializing for Justice (

SOJUST.ORGGetting out of my Student Affairs bubble is a huge value of mine.  Not only because it expands my knowledge base, and gives me fresh new ideas, but it also gives me perspective on the work that I do.  There are wonderful, caring, interesting activists out in the non-university world who are doing the work that we do with students on a much larger scale – like the entire city of Boston.  Campus2Community is a project born out of Socializing for Justice ( as a retention initiative for engaged and motivated recent grads to find new communities, a way for faculty and staff at various universities to meet, and as an opportunity to create a web of connection for progressive faculty and staff in the Boston area.  While the organization is Boston specific, the idea can be replicated anywhere in the country.  Yes, it requires time and dedication to organize, but it can start simply as a happy hour at a bar or coffee shop.  Make it open and welcoming, give it room to grow into whatever its regulars want to make it, and do it regularly.  I hope some of you in the Boston area will join me at the next Campus2Community Happy Hour for Progressive Faculty, Staff and Grad Students on Wednesday, October 17th at Lir, or at one of SoJust’s upcoming skillshares or socials.

Linkage Love: Design, Marketing, & Connection

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