by Kristen Abell

Well, we here at SA Women Talk Tech are starting a new blogging schedule, and as usual, that means there are changes afoot. We schedule out for three months at a time, which gives us a chance to evaluate what’s working, what’s not, recruit new bloggers, and give our seasoned bloggers a rest. And this time, we’re even giving one of our editors a well-deserved rest. Brenda Bethman has stepped down from editing to focus on other projects at work, but she will still be blogging with us (yay!). Lucky for us, we have recruited some amazing bloggers over the years, and one of them has stepped up to fill Brenda’s spot – Kathryn Magura will be one of the co-editors for our blog starting with this round. We are way excited to have her helping out in the editor role – woohoo!

And though we’ve also had a couple of bloggers step down for a bit this go-round, we’ve been able to recruit a fresh face – Valerie Heruska. One of the things we love doing at SA Women Talk Tech is recruiting new writers to give our blog a well-rounded perspective. Later today we’ll be posting an introduction post from Valerie so you can get to know her better. Welcome aboard!

Although there are a few other changes afoot behind the scenes, we hope that you’ll continue to enjoy and share what we’re posting. If you ever have suggestions or comments, feel free to let us know! Welcome to our new schedule at Student Affairs Women Talk Tech!


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