Introducing — Valerie

by Valerie Heruska


My name is Valerie Heruska and I am a computer, social media and technology geek. I’ve broken many computers and crashed hard drives, but like Humpty Dumpty, I put them back together again. This is the very reason that I am infatuated with spiffy new hardware. I love that the computer/iPad/gadgets have revolutionized everything we do, and are fortunate enough to have access to these wonderful technologies.

When I’m not breaking computers, I’m a Residence Hall Director at Boston University. I love my job and my students, and I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend my time at work – having great conversations with students. I also enjoy figuring how to connect with students in the virtual world, since most of them are connected via their mobile devices and/or computers.

I love writing, blogging, and tweeting. You can find me on Twitter @valerieheruska. My current adventure is graphic design, which I am thoroughly enjoying the learning process. When I was given the opportunity to blog about student affairs +women+ technology, I jumped at the opportunity. I would like to thank Kristen for the opportunity and I would like to thank Gateway for making a computer that was easy to break and put back together.

Introducing — Valerie

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