App Review: Tweetbot for iPad/iPod

by Valerie Heruska

Recently, I was at #NASPATech and I presented on the fundamentals of Twitter– your basic how do I get started and where should I begin. Aside from the questions that would be expected during a beginner’s session, I was asked multiple times about which app is the best to use for Twitter on a mobile device. There are so many out there and I empathized with my audience, as I’ve struggled with finding the best app for me. After trying multiple programs, I stumbled upon Tweetbot for iPad. I was willing to pay the $2.99 and try it out, after multiple programs were a big epic fail.

I love this application for a number of reasons. One of the reasons I love this application is for the interface. The app is beautiful and doesn’t make your screen hemorrhage with clutter.  It’s so easy to read all the tweets that come in and no matter if you’re holding your iPad vertical or horizontal, it’s very screen-friendly.

As far as looking at multiple timelines, it’s easy for users to switch quickly between lists as your main timeline. You will also find it easy to go between different accounts.  It takes approximately two taps on your iPad screen to go between your accounts. Whether you have two accounts or manage a departmental or association account, the anxiety of accidentally tweeting personal information from a corporate account is lessened.

If you’re using your iPad/iPhone, the use of smartgestures makes it easy for users to reply, DM, and see the conversation of multiple replies to your tweets. You are also able to customize your own smartgestures with this app.

I’ve found Tweetbot to be one of my favorite apps for Twitter. For me, the layout was the main draw to this app. I think it is very user-friendly and allows you to see more than the regular Twitter for iPad/iPhone allows you to see. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

App Review: Tweetbot for iPad/iPod

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