Geek Gift Guide

by Jess Faulk
Think that the geek in your life has everything they ever wanted? Think again! Check out this geek gift pinterest for ideas on what to buy.  Thought about purchasing a USB wall plate?  How about an R2D2 lunch bag?  Computer jewelry is always a hit.  The trick while searching is not to buy too many things for yourself along the way.  But is a good time to start a pinterest board for a holiday or birthday wishlist!  Check out many more gift ideas at GeekSugar and ThinkGeek.  My favorites are posted on a Geek Gift Guide pinterest board.

Have you  already been searching high and low for geek gifts this holiday season? Join our pinterest boardand share your favorites!  (message me at @jessfaulk and I will add you as a contributor)

Click the image below to link to the Pinterest:
Geek Gift Guide - Pinterest
As you are preparing for the holiday season I also encourage you to read one of our older SAWTT posts, “Tech Savvy Tips for Holiday shopping” by Jenn Prentice.  Also, don’t forget all of the instagrams gifts shared in Jennifer Keegin’s “Holiday Gifts + Instagram = Fun Times.”
Geek Gift Guide

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