by Kristen Abell

For those of you that know me or read my blog, you know I’m a big fan of blogging. During 2012 I’ve written 107 posts on my personal blog alone – and it’s been a slow year for me. I’ve presented on blogging several times, and I’ve encouraged more than one person to get on the blogging bandwagon. That’s why this particular blogging project is so important to me.

Two years ago now, Brenda introduced me to #reverb10 – a blogging project that provided prompts every day in December to get people reflecting and writing about their lives. Though the project had some decent prompts, it was also full of a few, should we say “touchy-feely”? prompts that would make even the most extroverted student affairs pro cringe, never mind an introverted, sarcastic blogger like myself. A year later, the #reverb folks hung up their hat, and my friend Kassie suggested doing a blog prompt project of our own – thus, Reverb Broads was born.

Reverb Broads is mostly women – and a man or two – bloggers who suggest prompts and write on whichever ones they choose. We don’t require a daily post, nor do we require any posts, if you don’t like them. We enjoy humor and sarcasm, use some prompts to reflect on our lives, others to imagine the crazy movie versions of our lives or soundtracks of our year. We’re on session three now, after running one last December and one in June.

Are you a blogger? Need some inspiration? Consider joining us – the more the merrier! Or check out some of our bloggers by visiting the Facebook page or following the #reverbbroads feed on Twitter.


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