Link me up, Scotty!

by Valerie Heruska

Clicky clicky, have I got some awesome links for you all to check out this week. My mind has been all over the place: writing papers, continuing the journey on finding my graphic design mojo, and gearing up for the holiday season. Here are some of my favorite links of the week:

Adobe Creative Cloud

If you love Adobe products and have the outdated versions on your computer, you should probably look into joining the Adobe creative cloud. The Adobe Creative Cloud allows you to gain access to all of Adobe’s wonderful products and play. Of course, this is costly, but if you have a “.edu” email address, this can be yours for $20.00 a month.

Adobe Blog

I was on the search on how to use said creative cloud products. Alas, Adobe also has a blog. Their blog features tips and tricks on using all of their programs. Pretty spiffy.

Scott Kelby’s Blog

Scott Kelby is the master of Photoshop. Seriously, he teaches seminars, is a Photoshop power user, and, according to his biography, sleeps little. Scott’s blog is Photoshop specific and offers some great tips for using the program. He also tells you what tools are great to use and has some giveaways every now and then.

12 Days of Cookies

Food Network’s 12 Days of Cookies. Every day for the past 3 years, Food Network delivered fabulous cookie/bar/dessert recipes to my email. Swoon.

Teh Cuteness

The very awesome people at Syracuse University know what students want: puppies, kittens, and cute baby animals. And when do they want it? During finals time of course! Syracuse University created this Pinterest board of cute animals and shared it with their students. I sent it to my student staff and they absolutely loved it.

Link me up, Scotty!

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