Linkage Love

by Jennifer Keegin

I came across an interesting site today called starcount.

Here’s what they do:

starcount is…

…the place to discover today’s most popular social entertainment on the biggest charts on earth.

Every day discover who’s topping the charts – the all time most popular, today’s most popular and the ones to watch in music,sport,film,fashion,gaming,TV,social and hundreds more categories.

With the stars latest posts, pictures and videos all in one place starcount is the place to discover and connect with the world’s greatest entertainers.

How do we create the biggest charts on earth?
It’s simple. We count all the activity on public profiles on the biggest social networks around the world, give everyone a starcount score and then create dynamic daily charts.

One of the articles from its home page is the 2012 Social Media Chart Toppers. It will also shows you the Top Ten Viral Hits of the Week. I’m definitely adding this page to my bookmarks. Think it has real potential to track trends.


I love magazines. Always have. Even took a Magazine Article writing class as an undergrad. Clearly not working at a magazine in Manhattan, I still love the glossy pages and yes – love reading magazines like Entertainment Weekly that are interactive on the iPad. So what types of tech mags are there? Here are some lists!

42 Design/Tech Magazines to read

A really well rounded tech list can be found here.

Have a magazine not listed that you read? Let us know in the comments section!


Till next time – have fun browsing!


Linkage Love

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