Blog Prompt Monday: The Unexpected Self

By Kathryn Magura

Hello everyone! You may have noticed I’ve been gone for awhile. If not, that’s cool. Between conferences and vacations (I was in Hawaii if you have not heard), February was a busy month. I’m excited to help kick off a new month of excellent blog posts! Today’s prompt is:

What do you do that is different than what people expect of you based on preconcieved notions/stereotypes?

I love questions like this, because I think we too frequently judge each other by how we appear. I know that when I meet someone and they are not who I expected them to be, I am usually humbled by how I so easily judged them and glad to learn I was wrong about them. Not all book covers accurately depict the content inside!

So what would you be surprised to learn about me? Well, my love/snobbery of music is well known, but how many people know the depth of my musical tastes? People tend to be surprised when they look at my iTunes library and see the variety of music that I like. So what usually surprises them?

Well, I can think of two things:

  1. For some reason, I don’t appear to be a musical theater fan. I have no idea why this is, but people seem to be genuinely surprised to see so much music from musicals in my library. Clearly none of these people have heard my rendition of, “The Wizard and I” from Wicked in the car. Some other favorites include: The Book of Mormon, Rent, Hairspray, Jersey Boys, Newsies (been a fan since the Disney movie), and Spring Awakening.
  2. Led Zeppelin is one of my favorite bands. Why is this surprising? I think people see me as more innocent in regards to music. Sure, the Beatles are my favorite band, that makes sense. But Led Zeppelin is a little heavier and controversial. While we’re at it, I love Pink Floyd. I promise the don’t have to be a stoner to appreciate the layers that Pink Floyd builds into each song.

So that’s me, now it’s your turn. What surprises people about you?

Blog Prompt Monday: The Unexpected Self

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