28 Days of TPE Tips (or My Novice Attempt at Using iMovie)

By Lauren Creamer

T-minus eight days until The Placement Exchange kicks off in Orlando, FL and I am SO EXCITED. While I have never actually been to a placement conference, I have had the privilege of serving as the Northeastern University TPE Ambassador (leading up to last year’s conference in Phoenix). During my stint as NU TPE Ambassador, I badgered countless mid-level and new professionals for personal anecdotes, do’s and don’t’s, and general tips for success. What I ended up with was pages of notes, a story about an interviewee in yellow Crocs, and an idea for a mildly humorous YouTube series.

(Seriously though, someone really wore yellow Crocs to a placement interview).

So, how do you stay organized and calm during the 72 hour onslaught of interviews, socials, and potentially awkward elevator rides? Here’s video one of 28 sometimes-funny, sometimes-awkward YouTube clips detailing how-to be a boss (or at least be super prepared) at TPE. 

That wasn’t enough for you? Check out tip number twelve:

Or perhaps tip nineteen:

Follow me on Twitter if you’d like to see these videos revisited leading up to #TPE13 – @LECreamer 


28 Days of TPE Tips (or My Novice Attempt at Using iMovie)

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