Linkage Love: A Few of My Favorite Student Affairs Bloggers

By Kathryn Magura

One of the things I enjoy doing is reading through my Twitter feed at the end of a day and see who in the Student Affairs community has written a new blog post via the sachat hashtag. For this week’s Linkage Love, I thought I’d discuss some of my favorite Student Affairs bloggers:

  1. Becca Obergefell: Becca is an extremely thoughtful blogger with a wonderful grasp of the English language. I frequently find myself chuckling through her posts or having to reflect on the deeper meaning afterward. Becca has an uncanny ability to speak in prose that usually leads to deeper thought, frequently through metaphor. It has been a pleasure to be on the Student Affairs journey with Becca over the last few years, and I look forward to reading along wherever she takes us next on this adventure!
  2. Chris Conzen: One of the things I appreciate most about Chris Conzen’s blog is that he isn’t afraid to be vulnerable with his readers. Chris has an incredible way leading by example through his own flaws. Not only does this build trust with the readers, it demonstrates an honesty and sense of realism that’s refreshing. Too often I read blog posts that only highlight the great things someone is doing, without taking the time to reflect on the learning that happens through failure.
  3. Kristen Abell: I know, I know, Kristen is one of our very own bloggers, why would I highlight her here? Well in her “spare” time, Kristen is often reflecting on her life via her personal blog. I am frequently humbled by Kristen’s raw honesty about everything from being a parent to struggling with depression. Kristen has overcome so much on her personal journey, and I feel fortunate to have been any part of that journey with her.
  4. Women in Student Affairs: Every week the Women in Student Affairs blog (a.k.a. WISA) posts another entry from a woman working in Student Affairs. The blogger has free reign to post about whatever topic they choose, which results in some amazing reflections upon the journey to working as a woman in our field. I look forward to these posts each week, and am frequently inspired by the bloggers to help other women on this journey.

So those are some of my favorite blogs and bloggers within the Student Affairs Community. Who did I miss? Which bloggers do you follow?

Linkage Love: A Few of My Favorite Student Affairs Bloggers

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