Best Practices for Making Life Easier

by Colleen Riggle

Tis the season, in the world of student affairs, for banquets, end of the semester this and that, awards ceremonies galore! But how do you keep it all straight? How do YOU practice self care when you’re eating roasted chicken, mashed potatoes with a side of veggies 3 nights a week and delicious desserts for lunch?

For me, it’s using an app to track my food intake because aside from the start of the year when I’m eating cheesecake until September this is a very high calorie season! Not only are the students under deadlines to wrap up classes, finish projects and prepare for exams. We as professionals have end of the year reports, evaluations and assessment to do, too. And if you’re like me I stress eat, so using something that will help assess my intake and more importantly make sure I’m staying hydrated in HOTatlanta!

Maybe it’s the end of the year tiredness or perhaps I’m getting older, but I’m having a difficult time remembering as much as I used to. And I’m old fashioned when it comes to “to-do” lists but I’ve been digging the notepad on my new iphone 5. There is nothing special about it, other than it’s great to have something with when I’m jetting from meeting to meeting, and yet another meeting.

So as you embark on these last few weeks of the semester and make your way into summer, use this time to make life easier. Develop new ways of managing your schedule, keeping track of projects, long term goals, and planning for that vacation
with the notepad, or calendar on your iphone, ipad or even using the icloud! Good luck, summer is in site!

Best Practices for Making Life Easier

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