My Final Post

by Colleen Riggle

This is my final official post with this group.  It’s been a fun three years of writing and I’m honored to have been a part of this blog from the start and seeing how it’s grown.  This is my final post since I’m heading back to school for my doctorate and will have ample opportunities to writing over the course of the program.  However, throughout the process of applying to graduate school I’ve been keenly aware of how technology has been guiding the process.

First, in taking the GRE it was quite the endevour.  I had a very bad experience with the testing center the first time I was supposed to take the test and trying to find an actual person to speak with was quite challenging.  It made me appreciate the times when I am able to talk with an actual person in customer support.  And when I was actually able to take the exam, I’m pretty sure that was the most focus I’d been on a computer for that length of time – definitely different then just surfing Google mindlessly.

Second, applying to graduate school.  It was was all computer based, not on paper.  That probably makes me seem old, or just how fast technology has changed the way we do things and process information.  However, my letters of recommendation had to be in hard copy form (odd) so buying stamps to send those request was quite fun.  There were certain documents that went in one package to the school, and other documents that went to the specific department.  I remember sitting in my adviser’s office and waiting for the “phone call” where we could call in my classes for the next term #smallschoolbonus.  When registering this time, it was like fort knox logging in to the system and clicking through the various tables and forms.

However, I’m registered for classes starting May 20th! I’m actually going to live in a residence hall for one week while taking one class this summer.

But the bright side of technology is that I can purchase Kindle versions of my book – and be able to fit in schoolwork where ever I am on campus, in the car, or at home!

So with that, this is my final post! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this writing, blogger community!

My Final Post

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