App Highlight: Key Ring

By Valerie Heruska

Recently, I joined Boston Sports Club. When I joined, and like other gyms that came before it, they gave me a pesky plastic tag to put on my keys. This tag has my barcode membership on it and will allow me access to my gym.

I hate plastic key tags. With a passion.

The membership coordinator who helped me out that day told me about an App for my smartphone called: key ring. He said that all I need to do is download it for free and them scan the barcode of my card. Simple.

I immediately went home and downloaded this app. Let me tell you: this app is amazing. Not only am I amble to put my gym key tag on there, but all my loyalty cards: ranging from grocery stores to clothing stores and everything in between.

The app is simple. All you do is scan the barcode and then tap add new. You search the list of merchants and then select the corresponding store. Bonus: you get coupons and fliers updated weekly. For example, CVS will add the most up-to-date flier and store deals on there. There are also coupons, and the ability to make lists.

Key Ring is a great app for anyone who has a ton of those pesky loyalty cards that are just taking up space in your wallet or on your keys. A disclaimer is that some scanners can only read the barcode if your screen brightness is all the way up. Other than that, the app is simple to use and a life changer.


App Highlight: Key Ring

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